Bowie: Memoriam

by Eden Ivy Prod. King Coffee

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David Bowie
1947 – 2016
Rest In Peace

Bowie's flesh has passed,
but his spirit remains evident within the world.
As musicians, David represented possibilities unimaginable,
and we choose to honor his legacy by continuing it.


released January 13, 2016

Credits to the late David Bowie, and all associated credits due.
Vocals by Eden Ivy.
Production by King Coffee.




King Coffee Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: David Bowie: Memoriam
Bask in the plague of the ones who were there before
Very sure
They calling me the Goblin King
Hope is such a worthless thing
But I remain on top of things
Maggots in the eyes of the ones who were garbage
Face paint blanked out eyes on the target
I was in the street while you were skipping on the carpet
DNA incredible within my rotten cartilage
Different personality ever ready for carnage
Blackstar soul, flesh so tarnished
Hello cancer, we can dance yeah, that's my answer, don't be scared when I go and get the Lance yeah
You can summon necromancer, I can hand ya, different divination divided within a stanza, I demand the, cocaine crown and I cross ya, low blow ziggy stardust tossed ya
Off in the pit, what Lazarus, not tackle us, they battle us ,you could never beat me
Even in my grave, I'm hazardous, and oh oh so flamboyant
You're an ANNOYANCE, Blackstar hearkens
When my lights gone, so the world will be darkened
But it already is
Going and leave the one way
Dressing in drag, the run way
I was a frag, ya mundane
You're gonna die, on some day
I knew it all, as some say
Never was seen, the monday